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What did COGEN 3 do ?

COGEN 3 promoted the implementation of Proven, Clean & Efficient Biomass, Coal, Gas Cogeneration Projects by facilitating business partnerships between ASEAN industries and EUROPEAN suppliers. COGEN 3 was in operation in January 2002 to December 2004. This website will be available until 2015.


Reference FSDPs
(EC-ASEAN COGEN Programme Phase II)

Cogeneration in a palm oil mill (Malaysia)


Malaysia is the world’s leading exporter of palm oil. Its world market share was 64 percent in 1995. Inherent to the palm oil industry is the huge amount of process wastes which bring about tremendous disposal as well as environmental problems.

Kilang Sawit United Bell Sdn. Bhd., a company belonging to the Bell Group, is involved in palm oil extraction. The management at Kilang Sawit are very much aware of the legal and environmental implications to their business if they adopt traditional methods of disposing their wastes.


The plant is located in Pontian, Johore
(Malaysia), about 100 km Northwest of


The plant will consist of:

  • a water tube boiler generating;
  • 35 tonnes of steam/hr at 23 bar;
  • a 1200 kW back pressure turbo-generator.


The total investment costs amount to ECU 524,234(USD 676,262), excluding civil works and building foundations. By producing their own power, energy savings can be generated at around ECU 402,497 (USD 519,221) per year, compared to the normalelectricity comsumption from the grid. The expected pay-back period is less than 3 years after commissioning.


European Suppliers
Kilang Sawit United Bell Sdn. Bhd.
Tel: (603) 7343888; Fax: (603) 7340723
Babcock Energy Ltd. (United Kingdom)
c/o Vickers Hoskins (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Tel: (603) 3927385-7; Fax: (603) 3927398

Turbinenfabrik J. Nadrowski (Germany)
c/o J. Nadrowski Asia Pacific (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Tel: (603) 7366879; Fax: (603) 7367610


"Our group has been in the palm oil business for about 20 years," says Liana LOW, CEO of the Bell Group. "Our activities range from plantations to the production of oleochemicals. The latest development within our business is the production of cosmetics from palm oil. These cosmetics are natural, biodegradable, and safe, as they do not provoke any allergy.

"We decided to buy the cogeneration plant for reasons of efficiency, competitiveness, reliability and ease of operation," explains LOW Boon Eng, Vice Chairman of the Bell Group.

"Our main target now is to reach a “zero waste” level. Each waste, either solid or liquid should be transformed into a more value added product.

We appreciate very much the action of COGEN and SIRIM, the local coordinator of the COGEN Programme in Malaysia, especially for their campaign of awareness about the use of efficient and environmentally friendly equipment within agro-industries, especially in the palm oil sector."


"We have been producing boilers under license of Babcock Energy Ltd. of the United Kingdom for 16 years," explains WONG Wee Voo, Sales Manager of Vickers Hoskins (M) Sdn. Bhd.

"Our palm oil residue-fired boilers need to produce enough steam for both the mill's power and heat requirements. They must be easy to operate, given the remote conditions of most project sites, and fully reliable as steam is indispensable to the mill operation. Their required maintenance should be minimal as the mills cannot afford any extended shutdown. We are very glad to be associated with the COGEN Programme and to be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate a real life application of our technology," adds WONG Wee Voo.

K.K. KHOO, Managing Director of Nadrowski Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd., who supplies the turbo-generator, comments: "Turbine operators are generally not engineers. The equipment must be simple to operate, robust and reliable."

"That is exactly what Nadrowski can offer at a very competitive price. Our customers know that they get good value for money. Moreover, we do not only sell a product, we offer solutions to our customer's problems. Our intention is to strengthen Nadrowski's present network in South-East Asia." Adds Khoo.

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